Cookies policy

We wish to be transparent about how we use cookies and what this means for you.
You will find all the necessary information about cookies below to enable you to make an informed choice about the information you agree to share with us.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) when you visit a web page. Cookies are used to send certain items of information to the website (e.g. a session identifier or the choice of a language) so that you do not have to provide the same information at each visit.

There are two categories of cookies:

  • persistent cookies ->> they remain on your device until you manually delete them or until expiry of their lifetime
  • session cookies ->> remain on your device until you close your browser. As soon as you leave the web page, the cookies automatically disappear.

These cookies are stored on your device for 7 days. They do not contain data which can be used to identify you personally and they are designed to be used only by Triballat Noyal.

Why do we use cookies?

  • Cookies have different purposes:
    Cookies required for the website to work properly;
  • Statistical cookies that provide us with data relating to traffic and use of the website;
  • Cookies used to remember your browser’s display preferences (language, text size, etc.)

Required cookies

These cookies are required for the website to work properly. If you block these cookies, you will be unable to use our website.

Statistical cookies

These cookies help us to track visits and measure traffic to our site. This allows us to understand a visitor’s habits in order to improve our website’s performance and contents.

How do I manage cookies?

You can manage and change the use of cookies at any time, according to the possibilities stated below.

You can manage your cookies:

  • directly on our website by clicking here, or
  • through your browser

For managing cookies, each browser’s configuration is different. Your browser’s help menu describes how you can change your cookie configuration and the choices available to you.