Ludivine and Philippe

They are sheep and goat farmers, production managers, production line operators, etc. They all are part of Bergerie family and contribute to the making of our products. Discover the passion and pride that drives them every day.

Ludivine and Philippe

‘It is important for us to promote the outstanding products of our region’

Ludivine and Philippe, line operators at Bergerie

Ludivine and Philippe are line operators. They have been working at Bergerie for 6 and 8 years respectively and are in charge of the production lines. ‘We manage several products on each line following a production schedule. Precise settings must be made for each product, using a particular milk. This job requires vigilance.’

This work is crucial for the smooth functioning of Bergerie and requires great rigour and a strong capacity to adapt: You need to be responsive and know how to find solutions to the slightest problem,” they explain. In the event of an engine breakdown, for example, you have to move very quickly to organise the repair while preserving the milk to avoid wasting it. Milk is a fragile product, you have to be very careful otherwise it will not pass the quality controls.’


Ludivine and Philippe share a certain complicity on a daily basis. ‘ We live in the same village. We see each other outside work, we have a bite to eat together. ’.

Their friendship reflects the atmosphere that reigns within Bergerie: ‘ We are a small team. This is important because it allows us to share and discuss each other’s needs. If someone has a problem, we will help each other and find an answer together. There is a lot of room for humanity and solidarity in a structure like ours.

Proud of the products made at Bergerie, Ludivine and Philippe also feel a strong attachment to their region: ‘We really do love our land!’ they spontaneously claimed at the same time. ‘ Besides, you only have to go 200 metres beyond Bergerie to be in the woods. There is more greenery than buildings here, which is an advantage.

What would they like Bergerie consumers to remember? ‘ That we love our Lozère and that it is important for us to promote the outstanding products of our region The farmers we work with are known. Some are friends. They live and work on picturesque farms and everyone in the area knows they do a good job. We are happy with this chain of people who do their job well and who value our land and local products.

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